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What is an Endodontist? And why can’t my general dental just do the root canal for me?

A common question asked by new patients that come to our office is “Why can’t my general dental just do the root canal for me?” This is a great question and we love to give our patients insight about why their dentist referred them out to us. If your dentist has ever referred you out to a specialist for certain dental procedures (most commonly an Oral Surgeon or Endodontist) this is because your dentist cares about the quality of work you get done and wants you to receive the best possible treatment with the best possible prognosis and success rate. Just as in Healthcare, Sometimes your family physician sends you to see an optometrist for your eyes, or a cardiologist for your heart. These are two examples of specialist who have extra training in specific fields. If your issue at hand is more difficult to diagnosis than usual or calls for additional tests/attention, your physician will refer you out to a specialist and the same goes for dentistry.

Endodontists are dentists who specialize in saving teeth through different procedures which involve the pulp (nerve) and roots of teeth. “Endodontist” comes from the Greek words “endo” meaning inside and the word “odont” meaning tooth. All dentists are trained to treat and diagnose diseases of the pulp. However, some teeth can be especially difficult to diagnose and treat. For example, certain general dentists will do their own root canals on anterior or bicuspid teeth, because these teeth are easier to access and only have one or two roots. However, with a molar tooth, these are far back in the patient’s mouth giving the dentist limited access and have 3 to 4 canals. Which is a reason why some patients are referred to the endodontist.

An endodontist, as defined by the American Board of Endodontists, is a dental specialist that treats the diseased and injured dental pulp, root and surrounding tissues of the teeth. Endodontists receive a “certificate in Endodontics” after an additional 2-3 years of training in an accredited dental program after dental school.

Every patient that walks in and out of our door is in need of special attention for their tooth. We pride ourselves in being the specialist your general dentist chose to ease their patients of their worries and surprise them with how easy and painless their procedure went.

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Welcome To Our Office!


Thank you for taking the time to visit and look around our website. We hope that you are visiting here because you had recent dental work done by us, or are scheduled to come in soon.

When calling our office to make an appointment, one of our trained staff members will get a few basic pieces of information, followed by any dental insurance information. As a courtesy to our patients, we do look up any dental insurance coverage you might have to give you an idea of your plan coverage and estimated out of pocket expenses you may have at the time of service. We strive to have our patients as informed, prepared and feeling as comfortable as possible before arriving to our office.

Upon arrival to our office you will be greeted by our office manager, Stafani, who will have you fill out our welcome packet and/or update any preexisting papers. Once all paperwork is complete, one of our trained dental assistants, Josette or Kristina, will welcome you back into one of our treatment rooms and start with taking an x-ray. Once all appropriate x-rays are taken, Dr. Nardi will come in and introduce himself to you. From there, he will start by addressing any symptoms you may be experiencing and answer any questions or concerns you have.  Before starting root canal treatment, Dr. Nardi will perform an oral evaluation, which can consist of cold tests, percussion tests, biting tests, and palpation in order to confirm the source of your pain. With your consent, Dr. Nardi will then start the root canal treatment.

During your root canal treatment you will be completely numb and your time spent in the chair will be between 45 minutes to an hour. When coming to a specialist, such as Dr. Nardi, endodontic treatment is a painless procedure that will leave you wondering how such an appointment could go so smoothly. Once treatment is done, we will take two final x-rays which will be sent to your general dentist. Your dentist will also receive any additional information from Dr. Nardi if needed. Before leaving our office our dental assistants will go over some simple after care instructions with you in order to ensure your tooth is treated properly until you’re able to get back to your general dentist for any permanent restorations. Dr. Nardi always makes an attempt to personally call his patients the night after treatment to ensure all questions or concerns are answered.

We hold pride in being one of the most reputable endodontic offices in our area. Our office promises to always make you feel as comfortable as possible. Dr. Nardi, as well as our whole office team truly cares about each patient who walks through our doors and looks forward to setting new standards and expectations you currently have for future dental services to come.

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